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Abspielen mit VLV Player

Here I show you how to install and set up VLC in good way.

1) First, Download and install VLC Media Player

2) After installing VLC open the Preferences tab from the Tools Menu. (CTRL+P or Command+P on MAC)

3) In the Preferences window choose the “All” Radio button below “Show Settings”

4) You shoud now see a advanced view like shown below, now navigate to the FFmpeg Settings.

5) The FFmpeg Settings are located in the “Video codes” subgroup

6) Make sure Hardware decoding is set to “Disable”

7) Now Navigate back to Input / Codecs and scroll down to the end of the page
You shoud find “Network Caching” set this to 3000.

8) Scroll up a bit till you find the “Network Settings” under “Network Settings” find “MTU of the network interface”

9) Set “MTU of the network interface” to either 1500 for Cable or 1498 for ADSL

10) After setting the MTU press “Save” and close the window.

VLC needs to be restarted to make the changes we did work.(CTRL+Q or Command Q on MAC)

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